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Hey, im nick and i live in NJ. i try to help people using tips and walkthroughs for others. I dont make them often, but i can make some if requests are made. Just tell me what game u need halp wit and i will try my best (MUST BE A NG GAME)

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Madness Accelerant

2011-04-03 16:07:14 by Phoenix910

I'm sorry but i just had to use the madness mood for this post. but, it suits the game, so i had to

ah Madness Accelerant. Amazing game. no doubt about it. As if tom couldnt make a game good enough to literally blow our minds. He found a way. this game is full of guns, adrenaline, idiots, monsters, clowns, and, ultimately, madness.the game is 17.1 MB of pure insanity, and that is not a bad thing.

ther are a few things i could go with. a mute button would be nice, or, if thats impossible, lower volume to the game. i couldnt hear myself think, better yet the music from another site. well, since he said it himself a pause button could not be made, there is nothing else i could say to help him.

to blow a mind and to BLOW MY MIND LIKE THERE IS DYNAMITE INSIDE IT are 2 completely different things. madness accelerant and the rest of the madness series, made by krinkles, all fall under BLOW MY MIND LIKE THER IS DYNAMITE INSIDE IT category. thanks to tom for the game and krinkles for the concept and format and story and other stuff. YOU GUYS ROCK

-youll be surprised at where safe spots can be in the game. there arent many, but there are a few. one of them is in the elevator scene where you fight the damn clown. right under the left hole, no. right next to it so your covered by the ceiling and the hand cant reach you, yes. try that, it works. in fact, thats where i am right now as i type this so i dont die. there are a few more. can you find them?

- look out for hot dogs. as unimportant as they look, they actually give you health. so dont skip any if you see them. a great place where they would be skipped is when you fight the clown for the first time. he destroys the hot dog stand and like 5 fly out of it.

- guns are always a good idea to keep with you. losing you gun in a battle brings out another enemy with one. this may be of a neusance. anyway, if you dont have a gun, you have to get in close with your fists, and that is NOT a good idea. but, if you corner an enemy up to a wall, you can punch repeatedly until he dies and you can take his gun before somebody else does.

-all different guns cause all different damage. the grenade launcher does insane damage, like 15 per grenade. pistols are the equivalent of crap: they do one damage, are really slow, and are really lame. machine guns of all different shapes and sizes all do different things. some are faster than others, some are slower. some have more ammo, some have less. some are more common, some are not. you get the point. you want the faster one.

-a cool glitch if you have a crappy computer like i do or have it on high quality: slowing urself down in midair. i know its pretty obvious, but im just pointing it out for those of you who dont know yet. if you have a fast gun like a machine gun and you jump while holding down the shoot button, youll fall really slow, and your boss or enemy will miss constantly while your still suspended.

-this tip depends on your idea of a better gun: stronger or more ammo/faster? which you pick will change the way you play, and whichever you pick, stick with. if you choose stronger, change when you see a stronger gun. if you choose faster/more ammo, than pick that when you see it. whichever you prefer, youll be better with

-the clown is a crazy one. he has different attacks ever time you see him, and none of them really help you out. you have to figure out all his attacks and be ready for them when they happen. the first time you see him, he will only punch at you. the second time, he will only punch at you again. the third, he will punch at you and blow fire. if your on top of the elevator, which i strongly disagree with, he will clap his hands at you. the fourth, when your hanging from the pole, he will punch at you. when your on the floor, he will belch fire at you. the fifth is that he blows fire when your above him, punches at the floor 3 times, lunges at you,and shoots fire balls. the last is that he shoots fire balls, but dont be fooled. this fight is not easy. they have enemies coming in a lot, and that is a really big problem. plus, the fire balls are really fast, and underestimating the clown is not a good choice.

-the boss of the wierd masked guys if crazy. he uses one of those guns that shoot 3 rounds at a time. i dont know what its called, but it will inflict 3 damage if yourr hitr by all 3. that is bad. you only have so much life. so, wait for him to reload, then jump while he does. he will shoot fast enough that he'll shoot and miss while your still in the air. but try the slow down glitch, that should make it easier

i know thats a lot of tips and you probably know them already, but i just wanna help you guys beat one of the most amazing games ever

facerape (10 points): after defeating but not killing the miniboss whos obviously the boss of the masked guys, and clearing a few rooms, you will find yourself in a room with a ledge.YOU MUST HAVE THE CHAINSAW FROM THE PREVIOUS ROOM. DONT JUMP OFF OF THE LEDGE! push the guy whos on it off and he will fall. then, the miniboss will try and crawl through the door. he cant. he'll be stuck there, vulnerable. use the chainsaw to kill him, then keep it running and his head will cut clean in half.

a winner is you (25 points): beat normal mode. im playing madness mode right now and let me tell you, normal mode is easy as crap compared to this.just keep going on, and use the hints above. you should be able to get madness mode when your done with normal mode.

pacifist: (25 points): once you beat the game and kick the damn clown in the ass, he should return to his lame and tiny form. let him crawl away. its not easy, i know, but itll get you 25 medal points, and you can rip hhim apart next time you beat him anyway, so whatever.

true face of evil (25 points): once you beat the game again, you will see the clown crawling away. just punch him in the face and his mask will fall off. punch him again for a bloodbath.

madness mode (50 points): MADNESS. madness mode is insane, and extremely hard. enemies can pick up guns, shoot more accurately, and are harder to kill. bosses atack much faster than usual, and are much more crazy. try it out for yourself, though, and dont say i didnt tell you so.

well, thats all the madness for today. the game is absolutely amazing, and you can see for yourself. tell me how you do.


Madness Accelerant

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